Skillfully directed by Maxim Lardent, from the moment you hand over your ticket this wildly talented ensemble invites you to partake in the Quiche Breakfast of the Susan B. Anthony Society for the Sisters of Gertrude Stein. These women never miss a beat, or an opportunity to escalate the fun with a look, a pose or the subtle raising of an eyebrow.

Paul Atreides, Las Vegas Review Journal

Maxim wrote, directed, and starred in his 2013 entry for the Las Vegas 48 Hour Film Project.  It won Best Use of Genre, tied for Best Use of Prop, and was recognized for the most bananas harmed.

Maxim competed with Happy Hour at the Comedy Improv Throdown in Harrisburg, PA.  They walked away with First Place, this is their final round performance.

Dick Johnson, Private Eye

Written by Maxim Lardent and Mark Valentin, Dick Johnson, Private Eye premiered at the 2012 Las Vegas Fringe Festival.  Here’s what the press had to say about it.

"A parody of radio mysteries with old-timey effects and fake ads that left you gasping with laughter—there was a lot to like about Dick Johnson.”  4/5 Stars, Jacob Coakley, Las Vegas Weekly

"Maxim Lardent and Mark Valentin’s nostalgic comedy is very creatively penned and a Fringe smash." David McKee, Las Vegas CityLife

Lardent is a perfect breed of actor for exaggerated comedy. He knows how to milk a laugh but is also able to get us to believe in him as a character…He’s the truth of the production; proof that a nonsensical character can be made real if an actor believes enough.

Anthony Del Valle, Las Vegas Review Journal

Eerie clips from Fat Knight Live. Look out for Fat Knight the movie coming soon.

Live performance at FREE BEER the Improv Show.